About Langit Biru

Langit Biru is a media monitoring services platform developed by PT Konten Media Berjejaring (KMB). Providing media monitoring services since 2012, we are here as a solution to help you monitor brand and company reputation, track competitors, and understand key trends in the industry.

We understand that, amidst the rapid flow of information in the mass media and chaotic conversations on social media in the current digital era, media monitoring is an absolute necessity to protect a company's reputation. That is why we continue to develop ourselves, both in terms of team member capacity and technological reliability, to answer the latest challenges.

At Langit Biru, we combine analyst competency and artificial intelligence to track and collect data from various sources, both mass media and social media, curate the data and analyze them. The result is data-based insights that will help you think big and make strategic decisions.

In its development, Langit Biru has not just become an ear that listens and analyzes all conversations related to public perception of the reputation of your brand and company. By utilizing extensive media network at both national and regional levels, we go further by providing media channeling and social media boosting services. These two services are intended to help amplify brand reputation and company image, as well as increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Meet Our teams

Kun Wahyu Winasis

Founder and Director

Adhitya Noviardi


Herry Prasetyo

Senior Consultant

Aulia Asman

Media Monitoring Coordinator

Andi Gilang

Senior Media Analyst

Maulana Yusup

Media Channeling Coordinator

Aditya Krisna Bayu

Senior Media Analyst

Emyl Maulana

IT Coordinator

Try Vhyastra


Agus Trihanton


Iin Agustin

Media Analyst

Ratri Fathikasari

Media Analyst

Margareta Noviani

Media Analyst

Deri Laksana

Media Analyst

Dwiki Agung R.P.

Media Analyst

Asto Pribady

Media Analyst

Bayu Samudera

Social Media Specialist